Web interface for European hydraulic pedotransfer functions (euptfv2)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.34977/euptfv2.01 <br/>Authors: Szabó, Brigitta; Gyurkó, Dávid; Weynants, Melanie and Weber, Tobias K. D.<br/>Publisher: Institute for Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry, Centre for Agricultural Research<br/>Version: v.2.0.0<br/>Release date: 31 July 2019

This is a web interface to predict soil hydraulic parameters from easily available soil properties. The prediction algorithms (pedotransfer functions: PTFs) have been derived on the European Hydropedological Data Inventory (EU-HYDI) (Weynants et al., 2013). Please find further information about the predictions in Szabó et al. (2020).

The following soil hydraulic parameters can be computed with the application:

The obligatory and optional input parameters needed for the predictions:

Sample input data

For the prediction the input data should be uploaded in CSV file format on the Run model site. The name, unit, data type of soil properties in the dataset should be the above mentioned, please find a data sample here:

Download the sample

In case of any problem or questions on the pedotransfer functions, please contact toth.brigitta@agrar.mta.hu (Tóth (Szabó) Brigitta).


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License


The research was supported by the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office (KH124765), and the János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the HAS (BO/00088/18/4). On behalf of BO/00088/18/4 we thank for the usage of MTA Cloud (https://cloud.mta.hu/) that significantly helped us deriving the prediction algorithms.


Szabó, B., Gyurkó, D., Weynants, M. and Weber, T. K. D.: Web interface for European hydraulic pedotransfer functions (euptfv2), [online] Available from: https://ptfinterface.rissac.hu/, 2019. Szabó, B., Weynants, M. and Weber, T. K. D.: Updated European hydraulic pedotransfer functions with communicated uncertainties in the predicted variables (euptfv2) , Submitted to Geoscientific Model Development, 2020. Weynants, M., Montanarella, L., Tóth, G., Arnoldussen, A., Anaya Romero, M., Bilas, G., Borresen, T., Cornelis, W., Daroussin, J., Gonçalves, M. D. C., Haugen, L.-E., Hennings, V., Houskova, B., Iovino, M., Javaux, M., Keay, C. A., Kätterer, T., Kvaerno, S., Laktinova, T., Lamorski, K., Lilly, A., Mako, A., Matula, S., Morari, F., Nemes, A., Patyka, N. V., Romano, N., Schindler, U., Shein, E., Slawinski, C., Strauss, P., Tóth, B. and Woesten, H.: European HYdropedological Data Inventory (EU-HYDI), EUR – Scientific and Technical Research series – ISSN 1831-9424, Luxembourg., 2013.